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This work was initiated by Dr. O.Bykov at the Central Astronomical Observatory at Pulkovo of Russian Academy of Sciences in the last decade of the past century. He and Drs. V.L'vov and I.Izmailov took part in the analysis of the results. For this work Drs. V.L'vov and S.Tsekmejster created the computer program that is the part of the EPOS software package. During all period of our investigations Dr. N.Sumzina from the Institute of Applied Astronomy of RAS had prepared the Numbered Minor Planet positions from MPC Database for our processing with kind permission of the Director of Minor Planet Center Prof. Braian Marsden.

Our investigation seems to be the first of that kind for the MPC data and it could be continued in future. We consider our accuracy investigation as an additional service that may be useful for any amateur astronomer observing the Minor Planets with small CCD telescope.

Our extensive processing of the MPC data allows us to conclude that CCD observations of the Numbered and Unnumbered Minor Planets have the errors, sometimes very crude. We can also note the systematic errors in analysed positions which usually are connected with a work of CCD matrix in fixed nights of observations.

You can find an accuracy estimation of asteroid positions observed in 1999-2002 yrs at the Pulkovo Observatory website.
An analysis of current CCD observations obtained during year is given into the Month Tables presented on this cite.

Copyright by Izmailov I. S., Bykov O. P., Kastel G. R.
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